Crafting Your Relevance

Carlos Silva
1 min readSep 27, 2021


When was the last time something caught your attention?

In our increasingly noisy world, the things that captivate us for more than a few seconds are few and far between.

We’ve become experts at shutting things out, at not paying attention to anything that isn’t relevant.

In any market, we need to think about how we can become relevant.

Remember relevance in the eyes of our customers might not be the same as relevance in ours.

Six Questions For Crafting Your Brand Relevance

1. Who do we want to care about what we sell or do?
2. Why would those people care about what we do or what we are selling?
3. Why would they cross the street to buy from us?
4. What emotional want are we fulfilling?
5. How can we make this more about them and less about us?
6. What will they be able to say to their friends to recommend us?

We need to give people one reason to care about us, not just a hundred different reasons to buy from us.



Carlos Silva

6 years ago I was homeless, unemployed, and signing divorce papers. Honing my storytelling skills, marketing, and remote work saved my life.